Saturday, 11 April 2009

3am ramblings in no particular order...

Are you willing to leave behind all that you have acquired in the pursuit of something that transcends material possessions.

Is that what is God is asking?

For some they melt down all that they have - remould it and reset it. They give it a new name and bow down before it.

But is less more?

Is there something of the promised land in the wilderness?

Do we have to lay down before we can pick up? Do we have to swap what we have to pursue what we don't have? Is the something beyond worth pursuing?

More blessed is the man then who has nothing he calls his own.

Blessed are the poor...
Blessed are those who mourn...
Blessed are the meek....
Blessed are those who hunger
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness...

There is the danger for those of us who have many riches to our name, that we become fearful of losing all that we have acquired and built up. Often that fear permeates every aspect of our life and our life becomes inhibited and prescriptive. We can focus all our energies on preservation, maintaining all that we have.

For those not governed by fear, they can live truthfully and spontaneously. And once they pass the hedonistic first impulses of this existence they find the need to focus on something more wider and permanent. It is from hear we begin to reach for the impossible - to those things that we thought we could never achieve.

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